Data-Driven Insight

Wherever you are in your product’s development or marketing process, Decision Driver Analytics’ team of health economists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and reimbursement experts are prepared to deliver the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in today’s healthcare market.  We pride ourselves on strategic “out of the box” thinking coupled with clear, actionable implementation tactics. Let DDA help you build your product’s roadmap to success.

Our experienced, expert team can help you answer questions like:

Which indication should you pursue first?   Should you carry on to proof of concept or cut your losses?   How do you identify the most impactful data?   How can you address data gaps?   How can you predict future market value?   How do you gauge the population potential of a new product being considered for acquisition?   Would a qualitative or mixed-methods study uncover formative and publishable data?   How can you differentiate your product within a crowded marketplace?    How can you obtain early revenue for your product while payor coverage is still in development?

See the Value Story

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and Planning

We leverage expertise in health economics, reimbursement, epidemiology, and biostatistics to guide your product development and market access strategy. 

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Study Services


Smart, maximally efficient studies can move your product from regulatory approval to marketing success.

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Decision Driver develops sophisticated value analysis models that accurately predict future product value to the health care market.

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Definitive Product Value Analysis

Decision Driver thoroughly analyzes completed clinical studies, post-market health outcomes research and/or payer claims data to generate information stakeholders can trust.

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Quality communications — from peer-reviewed articles to focused sales tools — can make a big difference in marketing success.

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Decision Driver can train your sales team — and your executives — to tell your product’s value story thoroughly, consistently and effectively.

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