A Guide for the Road to Success

Everyone knows the road to a successfully marketed drug product or medical device is long and hard, filled with twists, turns, and dead ends. With Decision Driver Analytics, you’ll have a navigator at your side providing you real-time, real-world data — meaningful, practical knowledge you can use for high-value decisions throughout the development process. 

Health Economics, Reimbursement, Epidemiology, and Data Analysis Services Throughout the Product Life Cycle

DDA's specialists include veteran health economists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, medical writers and reimbursement experts, and our suite of offerings covers a full range of strategic services as well as the associated materials you need to reach investors, health care providers, payors, and the public.

  • Health Economics Models
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Cost-benefit
    • Budgetary impact
    • Return-on-investment
    • Optimum pricing        
  • Medical Device Reimbursement / Market Access Support
    • Reimbursement, coding assessment strategies, and new code applications
    • Reimbursement during clinical trials
    • Payor coverage review and analysis, education, and dossiers
    • Monitoring of competitive technologies
    • Reimbursement hotline
    • Sales and reimbursement training
  • Payor and Provider Data Mining and Analysis
  • Epidemiology
    • Literature reviews and meta-analysis
    • Product acquisition evaluation
    • Study design, execution, and analysis
      • Pilot studies
      • Quantitative and qualitative research
        • Time and motion studies
        • Focus groups
    • Burden of illness / market segmentation
    • Prevalence/ incidence of use, effectiveness, AEs
    • Evidence synthesis
      • Systematic reviews
      • Meta-analyses
    • Disease modeling
    • Biostatistics
  • Communication Tools and Training
    • Publication planning
    • Dossiers –clinical and economic AMCP format
    • Interactive models, PPTs
    • Peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, and posters
    • Project-specific tools and training for internal teams
    • White papers

What do you want to know?

 Knowing the right answers to key questions at critical decision points can be the difference between a blockbuster and an expensive failure. We give you the data and analysis you need to make decisions with confidence at every stage of development. Contact DDA for data-driven insight.