Eliza Fishbein, Ph.D.
Director, Qualitative Research


What drives me?
Curiosity - for challenging questions, public health issues, and new solutions. Creating innovative, cost effective, and scientifically rigorous methodologies to fit client needs. 

Eliza has considerable experience incorporating qualitative methodologies to meet the needs of DDA's clients. She has substantial expertise in all components of qualitative research – including observational site surveying, key-informant selection and interviewing, focus group moderation, survey and questionnaire design, in-depth coding, and analysis. As the Senior Qualitative Researcher at DDA, she works with our clients to best identify how qualitative research can uncover the “unknowns” about stakeholder and adoption needs, help them understand their products from a fresh perspective, and lead them to more complete and well-rounded solutions. In particular, her skills have lead DDA to be a leader in adoption sciences – that is, better understanding the barriers and challenges to integrating a new device, protocol, or program into an organizational setting. Eliza holds a Ph.D. in health promotion, education, and behavior from the University of South Carolina, and a dual B.A. in anthropology and human geography from Arizona State University.